POEM "Above the Wind"

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Above the Wind.

The mission of this Internet presence is to promote a way of seeing and achieving a world which is a more free place for the individual and, hopefully for all life on Earth.  At present every war that is won is causing a steady destruction of freedoms; and that of course destroys cultures, ways of life and more restrictions of all of us.

This is a threat that, for humanity, is potentially far more destructive than global warming. Yes, it is even worse.

Whilst we, here, regard freedom of the individual as key to our hopes and dreams, we must also help ourselves to actually be ourselves.  Or at least we need to be able to try to define our own individual personality and character.  That can be so difficult today.  Please have a browse about this website.  Do have a look under the tab marked BE YOURSELF, above.  Hopefully there are ideas there to put the real you into your true self.

Apart from Freedom and the importance of the reality of the Individual, one of our key words is Respect. It is simply a concept that was put to this writer by a lovely concerned young woman.

And also you might ask why Above the Wind? 

Well the name comes from a short poem written in about 1970 that has haunted the desire and need for this web site.  You might like to read it - press the POEM button on the left panel.


Contact is e-mail, please see the CONTACT tab above: -

We are gathering various written works, including novels and even other people's blogs (with permission of course) and will eventually be publishing, under the Above the Wind umbrella.

Although we are working toward worldwide presence, we are currently based in Western Europe and all our current projects are in the English language (UK basis)

Please feel free to send an e-mail if you want to support us.  Also you might have material which you would like to be considered for publication ... see CONTACT, above.