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As we state in the introduction to this HOME section, this site is mainly about Freedom.  It is about your freedom and it is about mine, too.  It does not matter where you are in this world, nor what colour of skin you have, nor does it matter where you are in the spectrum between female and male.  Your nationality is not important, nor is your way of earning a living.

At the time of the last significant update of this website (July 2017), it seems that
the major English speaking countries of our world appear to want to set up barriers. This is certainly emphasised by the United Kingdom (UK) trying hard to pull away from the European Union (EU) and certainly the UK seems very uncomfortable with citizens of the EU having free access to the United Kingdom.  This is even though in turn, citizens of the UK have equally free access to the rest of the EU.

Then there is the USA, where its current President talks about barriers to many foreign visitors. Even talking about building border walls.  In fact the USA has long had quite difficult immigration controls, anyway.

As far as it is clear, Australia is far more controlling of immigration than it used to be, too.

These circumstances were clearly evolving a few years ago and it seemed wise to at least set up some commentary on this. It is one of the reasons for this website AboveTheWind.com

What does matter is that we allow for each other to live on this Earth.  We are here to respect all life, have fun and know that each of us has a moral right to be here, anywhere on this Earth of ours.

And so there is inevitably more about this in the section, BE YOURSELF.

Life is fun let's find out why and how !

If you are new to this website you would probably want to look at the "Be Yourself" section, see the TAB above.

This section was last edited on 16th July 2017.