POEM "Above the Wind"
POEM "Above the Wind"
This little poem and its emotions, has haunted the ideas here for a very long time. Eventually it was one of those simple things that inspired this web site.


Above the Wind: -

Above the wind, behind the sea,

Floating, soaring, free.

Being, knowing, feeling, living -

I value all so I can be me.

Thus this life I am protecting,

For perhaps it may be all.

But more is then a great windfall

And so I guard my individuality.

Above the wind, behind the sea,

Enjoying individuality.


We all seem to take life so seriously, that often it seems that there is no time for a view of reality.  And reality can be very beautiful, if we care to stop and look.
What is also so often, so hard to do is to understand our own individuality.  Often we are too drenched with the dampening influences of what we think is expected of us and also waht is taught to us.
We really hope that having a look at the section BE YOURSELF (see the tab) has some welcome thoughts and ways.  They are ideas and ways which we know can work for very many good folk.